Sunday in Sodom
by Jordan Tannahill

Directed by Matthew Short
21 – 27 April 2022 19:00 hrs
1 woman, 1 family, 1 moment in time…

Playmate presents in English a powerful short drama by one of Canada’s most extraordinary young writers. A dynamic story of a mother’s attempt to keep tradition and family together, with a hint of Yiddish comic tradition. The longer she tries, the more unhinged life becomes. Past and present mix on stage in a world Western audiences see far too often on the news; a world of drone strikes and war-torn communities.
Through it all, Edith is focused on answering her mobile phone and protecting her family – Lot, Sarah, Isaac and maybe even Abraham…

Playwright Jordan Tannahill, the enfant terrible of Canadian Theatre ‘takes fragments of stories from the historical record and turns them into plays for today, damning more than a few torpedoes as he goes’.
This is a play for the spirit of our times.

ON STAGE:Kevin Benn, Michaela Palmer, Vanessa Poole, Inna Syzonenko. / TICKETS AT THE DOOR 19:00 hrs & Sat 23 April matinée
RUNNING TIME:50 minutes

*Together with the support of Bastionen and Teater Dictat, a percentage of proceeds from this production will be donated to provide direct humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine.

SUNDAY IN SODOM was first produced alongside BOTTICELLI IN THE FIRE by Canadian Stage, Toronto 2015. 

Performed under licence from Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

This spring Playmate is excited to be performing as one half of a double feature theatre event at Bastionen.

SUNDAY IN SODOM starts at 19:00 hrs [in English] followed by DEN DU ÄR at 20:30 hrs [in Swedish]
It is also possible to book to watch only one of the plays
Den du är av Teater Dictat är en poetisk teaterföreställning om den egna existensens flyktighet, hur livet möter och måste mötas – villigt eller motvilligt – och den oundvikligt gemensamma underkastelsen under tillvarons grundläggande villkor.
Medverkande: Linus Nilsson & Johan Svensson.